Densify's Analytics Engine

We call it our secret sauce, everyone else calls it the leading optimization engine in the industry. It performs deep predictive analysis of workload patterns to uncover opportunities to optimize workload density, while at the same time reducing contention and operational risk.

Densify's Secret Sauce

It uses this insight to uniquely dove-tail workloads like in the game of Tetris to optimally increase density. This means your applications run better and need less infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud.

It is powered by an advanced, patented optimization engine that simultaneously analyze all your workload patterns, business requirements and technical constraints to give you precise, accurate answers.

This precision means it drives high levels of automation and high confidence. It isn’t just a black box making mysterious changes to your environment. And all of this is hosted in the cloud, so when it crunches the numbers on your workload patterns it is our lights that dim, not yours.

It is the perfect combination of intelligence, industry experience and operational simplicity.

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